Friday, January 8, 2010

Flash 55 1/09/10

Flash 55 is a Friday challenge issued by some new writing friends I have been privileged to join. You have 55 words to create a scene. Here is my first offering:

Jessie's Quest (she's 3)

Grandma, can I have some “Fruities”?
Go ask your Mom, Jessie. Only if she says it’s okay.
Mom, can I have some “Fruities”?
No, Jessie, it’s too close to lunch.
Grandma is fixing us grilled cheese sandwiches.
You’ll have to wait.
Grandma, Mom says it’s okay.

Copyright Parrot Writes 2010


  1. Ha! That DEFINITELY rings true to life.

  2. Wonderful! I love it. You knocked this out of the park.

  3. Oh, you've met my kids. Great first Flash 55!

  4. That is awesome, Linda :)

  5. It just reinforces your suggestion of writing about the kids and what they do as the story line of the childrens virtue stories.