Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My name is Luci

Hi, my name is Luci and I've been in my new forever home for three weeks now. Thought I'd let you know how its going.

I love my new home! I have a playroom upstairs and a cache of toys downstairs, too. My parents play with me a lot and say I'm really entertaining! My favorite toys are the feather on a string and a plastic coil. Mom ordered more coils in different colors so I wouldn't have to wait for her to get them out from underneath the stove or the dryer. I'm an excellent jumper and can catch the feather even when its three feet off the floor!

I sleep in various places around the house depending on my mood. My favorite place is on the very top shelf of mom and dad's closet. I have to jump on a chair, then to the dresser, then to the top shelf. Mom put a bed up there for me, so its real cozy.
But I also sleep on dad's lap, in front of the fire, and on mom's table by her computer. She needs my company (and sometimes my assistance) while she writes in her computer.

At night I sleep on the big bed with mom and dad. Dad says I take my half out of the middle and he isn't too happy when I sleep on  his legs or attack his toes sometimes. I claimed my place on the bed the very first night I moved in!

Mom sometimes plays videos for me. I can't understand why those birds are so hard to catch!

I like to watch the live birds outside my window too.

I went to the Vet today, which I wasn't excited about. But mom was happy because the Vet said I weighed 8 pounds and was very healthy! The helper lady said I was well behaved when they clipped my toenails. Now I don't stick to the carpet when I run!

All and all I'm a very happy girl! I thank the ladies at Cat's Cradle Rescue for finding me and for taking such good care of me before I was adopted!