Thursday, August 22, 2013

Check out Scribbleweed - a new blog by a writing friend

All Writers - check out my friend's new blog "Scribbleweed" 
The link is also on the sidebar as one of the blogs I follow.

Kelley is a writer of Young Adult fiction and a stay-at-home mom with a passion for writing and teaching. Her bio says, she is a YA fantasy novelist from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is currently in the “somebody kill me” editing process of her debut novel, The Halcyon. When she isn’t banging her head on her keyboard she is most likely spending time with her family, hiking in a forest, or killing a plant in the garden. She is someone you should contact. Immediately. For no reason other than to say, “You’re not the only crazy writer out there!”"

Her first prompt is to write a 300 word flash fiction using all five senses. I'm working on mine now - how about you? Practicing our writing skills is a great boost!