Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sabrina the Great

 Writing Prompt - craft a story using the following:

–Sabrina had rhinestones around the scarlet rims of her glasses and painted portraits of chairs.
–Bob (“call me Robert”) collected musical instruments and made a few himself.
–They had three cats: Doctor Boson, Pico, and Dick Fosbury.
–At their wedding in 2005, he ran off with her maid of honor.  Sabrina ran off to Bali.
What future can they possibly have?

Sabrina sat serenely at the round table in the center of the small darkened room with her eyes closed. Three cats perched in the other three chairs circling the table draped in a scarlet floor-length cloth. Doctor Boson wore a small white beret, his ears sticking through slits in the fabric. A red bolo looped several times around Pica’s neck as she sat demurely waiting for a signal from her owner. Dick Fosbury wore a floppy hat that drooped to the side and an expression of complete boredom as he licked his front paw.

Around them, the walls were adorned with painted portraits of chairs, Sabrina’s compulsive hobby since Bob, a furniture  builder by trade, left her standing at the alter in 2005. A wooden flute, one of Bob’s favorite from his collection of musical instruments was positioned in the center of the table next to the pulsing globe. 

The rhinestones around the scarlet rims of Sabrina’s glasses glittered in the dim light cast from the globe. Bracelets jangled at her wrists when she positioned her hands around the orb, causing all three cats to look at her expectantly. As she circled her hands around it, the globe became brighter, lighting up the room in flashes of bright colors. When it finally settled into a blue hue, she peered into its depths.

 She saw Bob sitting in a bar with Becky, her ex-best friend and her maid of honor. “Robert,” she said. “I don’t know why you’re so afraid of her.”

“Because I know she’s cast some sort of spell on me. I can’t hammer a nail without hitting my thumb, I’ve forgotten how to read music, and, well, you know what’s happened in the bedroom.” 

“It’s only temporary. Stop worrying,” Becky replied uneasily remembering the note she received last month from Sabrina.

Sabrina patted the flute and giggled with glee. The money she spent studying with Tara the Great when she vacationed in Bali was paying off.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing Prompt - Galumping

Use the following words together in a story:
 Remara Bearwafter
      Steamroller    Envelope
   Secrets       Food fight

The Bullied One

La la la Remara
Said the kids taunting her
Ba ba ba Bearwafter
Echoed their cruel laughter
Food fight junk of her life
Flies around her bleak world
While its harsh steamroller
Flattens her weak envelope
Crushing the secret hope
Of happy acceptance