Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ouija Poetry

We were challenged to try a writing exercise called “ouiji poetry", where you close your eyes and type, letting your fingers fall where they may on the keyboard. You hit the space bar and the enter bar, along with the keys, then open your eyes to see what you have to work with. The challenge is to make a poem out of the letters and symbols that have appeared on the screen. Here is my first go at it:

Keekktoohr ou oof heaa
Hooo srae ;;ejthhhsmng
So wit hooeht

Kicking at the roof of my heart,
You stare with edgy messaging.
So taken with yourself.
Just jesting perhaps.
Apparently the joke is on me.

Copyright Parrot Writes 2010


  1. Oh I like this! What depth and meaning hidden behind those scrambled words.

  2. Thanks DS- It is amazing what the mind will come up with!