Saturday, May 23, 2015

Inviting Vines Tour to Kinzy Faire Gardens in Estacada

Two neighbors and I attended the Inviting Vines Tour (sponsored by Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection) to view the Kinzy Faire Gardens in Estacada on Saturday, May 23rd. The three acres of gardens are a collaborative effort of two women, former property owner Millie Kiggins and her friend Penny Vogel. Penny started the garden in 1986 for the love of gardening and Millie came on board building birdhouses, benches, and a small chapel.

The small chapel was built in memory of Millie's maternal grandparents who founded the original 98-acre farm.

 There were many interesting benches, doors, and outbuildings to see along the meandering pathways.

Flower colors were stunning.

Birdhouses and yard art also captured my attention.

Plus green, lots of lovely green. A wonderful way to spend the morning!