Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Synopsis for Counterfeit Chemistry

Counterfeit Chemistry 
You may never look at your prescription drugs the same again.

JESSIE, a 30-year-old single mom struggles to make a good life for her and her six-year old son in northern California but still feels guilty about moving him away two years ago from their hometown, their friends, her mother and his dad TOM, her cheating ex-husband.

When she receives her mother’s frantic call for help, she uproots her son to return to FERNHILL, a small town outside Portland, Oregon to take care of TANGLES, her mother’s restaurant, while her mother recovers from her battle with cancer. BEV’S cancer is in remission, but the drug she’s getting to help boost her red blood cells and her energy isn’t working. Her mother has never asked for her help before, so Jessie knows this request is serious and she returns home.

When Jessie does research on the potential reasons her mother’s medication is not working, she reads about counterfeit drugs being infiltrated into the US market through fraudulent internet sites. She asks questions of acquaintances and authorities and in doing so catches the attention of a counterfeit drug ring. The operators resort to threats, kidnapping and murder to keep her and her mother from identifying and exposing them.

Telephone threats, a library bookshelf tumbling onto her work space, “special pills” in her mother’s desk, a mysterious red Lincoln Town Car, and three unexplained accidents suffered by her mother resulting in her hospitalization have Jessie telling her suspicions to RYAN the town detective who is her old high school sweetheart. He wants to rekindle their relationship but dismisses her concerns and tells her to leave the investigating to him. Frustrated yet feeling her theories are valid, she vows to continue sleuthing on her own.

The restaurant’s new chef MARC is romantically pursuing her and is the only one who takes her concerns seriously. But he has his own agenda, unbeknownst to Jessie. Together they set up a sting operation, but things go terribly wrong. An unexpected interruption, Jessie’s heroic reaction and the appearance of local police foil their sting and Marc suddenly disappears. Jessie is once again on her own, no longer willing to trust any man.

Jessie summons her courage and follows clues left behind by her newly deceased ex-husband. Tom was the town pharmacist and she believes DIANA, the drug representative that Tom had the affair with and continued to see after their divorce, has something to do with the fire at his house, his death, and the counterfeit drugs in her town.

Jessie takes risks and chances that endanger her well-being to fight against the evil she sees in her community. She is kidnapped by the counterfeiters and left alone, unconscious and bleeding in their warehouse. Knowing it will be impossible to physically overtake the three operators, she uses her wits to outsmart and trap them. Her suspicions are correct. Diana is the ringleader of the three and they are brought to justice for harming her mother, killing her ex-husband, and supplying contaminated and counterfeit drugs to the community.