Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zander's 5th

At Zander’s 5th birthday
We had a blast
Great presents and fun
Time flew super fast

Bug ornamented cupcakes
Were a fun invention
The one with green icing
Caught Penny’s attention

The cupcake with green icing
As you can see
Made an amazing mess
Of baby Pen-ny

Face first she dove
With her mouth, then her nose
Green icing everywhere
Table, floor, and then clothes

Zander’s choice of cupcake 
Was ladybug red
He licked off the icing
And ate ice cream instead

Good time had by all
But can you believe
Another year’s gone by
It’s hard to perceive

Good thing I’ve got pictures
To capture the shine
Cause its slipping away
One year at a time