Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flash 55 1/22/10

I got called to Jury Duty recently. Here is my summary of the experience in 55 words.

Responsibility, Call In, Come In, Raining, 0845, Hurry, Sign In, Badge On, Waiting, Cough, Newspaper, Chatting, Well-Dressed, Overalls, Black-Net Stockings, Cowboy Boots, Book, Sneezing, Waiting, Move To Courtroom, Sit On Left, Roll Call, Swear In, Judge Here, All Rise, Defendant Here, Judge Leaves, Attorney Too, Waiting, Yawning, Judge Back, Plea Bargain, No Trial, Dismissed, 1015.


  1. This is great! And very similar to my last experience with jury duty -- though folks in NC seem to have very unusual views (i.e., not mine) of what is 'appropriate' clothing for the courtroom. But it most definitely struck a chord.

  2. Thanks Natasha
    It was interesting to see what folks thought was appropriate dress. I hope your emotionally draining week wasn't because you lost your friend.

  3. This was fun! I'll pay more attention next time I am called for duty. You have a keen eye for finding the story in the odd and mundane. You're a natural writer.

  4. You are the second person that has said I can find a story in mundane. Guess that's a good thing - just as long as I can make it into something interesting!