Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maybelle and the Monkey Tree

I’m Maybelle the monkey
Quite pink and quite fluffy
With a white smiling face
And a tail a mite scruffy

The zoo’s toy shop
Has been home to me
I’ve been waiting and waiting
To be set free

I’m the last of ten monkeys
Now sitting all alone
Just waiting for someone
To take me home

Then, I see her reaching
As cute as can be
Little hands take hold
Loving arms give a squeeze

She chose just one
From all the animals there
She chose me, Maybelle
To love with care

She took me home
And all day we played
Till her mom called her in
Cause dinner was made

I sat on her bed
While she said her prayers
And I snuggled close
As she held me there

She’s asleep now
But I’m still quite awake
I jump from the bed
A little house-tour I’ll take

I just have to know
What’s behind each door
I’m curious, you see
Don’t like to be bored

All around the house
I explore with glee
Then through an open window
I spot the large tree

Squiggling through the opening
Outside I’m now free
To jump from the sill
Onto the branches I see

And low and behold
Guess who’s there?
A troop of monkeys
With all different colored hair

All sizes and shapes
In ones and in twos
I’m so happy to see
My friends from the zoo

Hanging on limbs
Sitting on branches
Hiding behind leaves
Doing tree-swing dances

What are the chances
That there would be
This many monkeys
All in one tree

We play and we play
Till just before dawn
Then we need to go home
Before they notice we’re gone

But below us now sits
A great cat looking mean
Scoping us out
For his next cuisine

We’re all very smart
So before he starts pouncing
We band together
To threaten a trouncing

He sees in our stances
We’ll take none of his guff
So he ambles away
Still acting tough

We each scamper home
To our own domain
After agreeing to meet
Tomorrow night again

To swing on branches
Happy as can be
To fly high each night
In our own Monkey Tree