Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vision At The Top of the Stairs

Maya, the cat with the squiggly whiskers sits at the bottom of the stairs patiently waiting for the vision to appear. And patient she is, always looking at or waiting for something. Sitting at the sliding glass door looking at the flowers, sitting on the window ledge looking at the birds, sitting in front of the TV watching the program, sitting on the couch watching the activities of the house, sitting at the base of the bed waiting for her person to get up, sitting in front of the food dish waiting for it to be filled up, sitting in front of the fireplace waiting for it to be lit, and sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her momentary playmate to appear.

Her people say she has a face designed by an apprentice angel. Her long soft fur is grey in color, with beige mixed in here and there. Her face is grey with a tan stripe that runs from between her eyes down the center of her nose to its tip. Below her nose, under her chin, and on her chest she is tan on one side and grey on the other, a straight line dividing the two colors. Her eyes are green with beige colored triangles at each edge and beige color under both eyes that looks like eye liner. But it is her squiggly whiskers that make her unique. They allow her to see a vision of the past.

Only she sees the vision of the previous people’s calico kitty at the top of the stairs. It appears when the current people are downstairs occupied with other activities. She waits at the bottom of the stairs, gazing up until she sees her calico friend, then races upstairs to play. They run from the tall scratching post in the corner through the family room into the master bedroom and back, one, two, and sometimes three times. Her people say it sounds like a herd of elephants running upstairs. She knows it’s only she and the vision at the top of the stairs running from room to room together, playing for a few moments before it disappears.

Maya runs down the stairs to tell her people about this playmate, but they don’t understand her. They laugh and say she is making quite a ruckus upstairs again. They give her a pet and a love, and continue with their activity. She heaves a sigh and moves to sit in front of the fireplace to wait for it to be lit. After it is lit, she proceeds to take a bath, carefully grooming her squiggly whiskers, waiting for the next time the vision will appear.

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