Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Assignment 5 Galumping. Pick a number from 100 -999. Check the three tier grid to see what you will write about.

360 Wedding ring, Gardener, Museum

Nolan stared at the painting of the beautiful young girl every day as he walked through the Museum tending the plants. He was hired as the Gardener to take care of the flower beds around the Museum as well the plants inside. Her name was Anna and according to the date at the bottom of the painting, the year was 1909. She looked to be in her early twenties with curly dark hair and violet eyes, dressed in a long cape of iridescent purple. Her lips were curved ever so slightly in a shy smile. In the palm of her hand she held a simple gold band, a wedding ring perhaps, holding it out as if offering it to him. He often fanaticized that she was smiling at him. Her eyes seemed to follow him wherever he went in the room. As he finished watering the large plant in the corner, he spotted a hint of something shiny in the soil. He gently picked up the round bit of metal and studied it carefully. It was exactly like the ring from the picture. He hurried back to stand at the base of the painting of Anna. The young girl was still holding out her hands, smiling at him, but the ring was no longer in her palm. It was in his. Now what?

This is the premise for a short story in progress.
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  1. This gave me the good kind of chills that every writer tries to give their readers. You have turned this exercise into a very creative story.

    I would turn this into a short story in the 2500 to 5000 word range. I bet you could find a home for it somewhere.

  2. Welcome to the grid!
    I can't wait to get in here and read everything.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I have started to expend this into a short story.

  4. I'm gonna try again. I hope this gets through...

  5. Oh, good! Your blog has decided to let me in today. I am looking forward to visiting here a lot in the future.

    This is a GREAT beginning to a story. Keep going.