Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flash 55 - Market Furor of 5/6/10

What happened to the market today
Makes me want to take my 401K
And hide it in a box under the bed.
It may be safer there instead.

It's scary when a misplaced zero
Can create so much havoc and furor
Dropping 1000 points - well, it's just money.
Somehow, today it was not very funny.


  1. Amen on that. I think we are all thinking about a shoe box, a safe, a jar in the backyard -- Anything!

  2. I feel your pain. I mean, I really do. And just when my Ameritrade account was starting to show signs of cognitive function again.

  3. I think I will show this to my husband. He was crushed and spent about 4 hours last night moving our investments around. (I am very bummed, too, but it doesn't affect me like it does him).

    Your poem is terrific, even though the market isn't.

  4. Yes, yesterday was an painful day for everyone but I love how you wrote about it. Very creative.

  5. Thanks - I sent it to our investment advisor and he asked if he could send it out to some of his staff! It was a very painful day! Today it's down again!
    Believe it or not, my rough draft was exactly 55 words!

  6. What a great poem! A dark situation, but you have tried to shed a glimmer of light on it.

  7. Thanks Natasha - It was definately a dark moment and soooooo unnecessary. Wish we could put all the blame on the one guy and make him pay everyone back!! Guess people mistakes happen every day. Just hurts when it impacts so many so much!