Friday, May 21, 2010

Flash 55 - Simplicio's Gift

Using feather-like fingertips
With head tilted sideways
He listens with his hands
And feels with his eyes.

Latching into special places
Waiting for muscles to relax
He sees her chin float upward
And her head release back.

She is floating underwater
Swimming circle eights in her mind
In symmetry with her body
Feeling relaxed and sublime.


  1. Your words relaxed me as if I also was enjoying a massage.

    It's great to have something from you. I hope all is going most wonderfully for you and your friends.

  2. ahhhhhh, I'm so relaxed. This was very visual and sensual. Bravo!

  3. Oh I wish! This would be a nice way to spend a Friday.

  4. HI! I'm back from my wonderful retreat! This young man was awesome. He works as a massage therapist at the Spa we had appointments with during the week. He is studying a massage technique called Cranio Sacral Therapy. (I will be writing more about this when I can find my notes.) We watched him perform this massage on CM. I took notes while he explained what he was doing and recorded what she said during the hour he was with us. This poem is the result.

  5. mmmmm.... I'm melting. A sublime image you bestow upon us with your words. Excuse me while I go make a massage appointment.

  6. Thanks Jana! It was a special treat to watch him work. I see you have begun a blog. I'll be there soon to read your work!

  7. I agree with everyone! It's such a sensual poem I was sucked in by it and didn't even know it was about a massage until I looked at the photo. Great!

    BTW, I think I posted about my cranio-sacral massage a couple months ago. It worked WONDERS for me.