Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ashland In Verse

The plays were awesome
The weather, just okay
Breakfasts to die for
In Ashland this stay

A travel day on Friday
With a lunch stop at Marche’s
Rhubarb sodas were a treat
Painted flasks made the day

Sunshine Saturday morning
Found us out on the porch
After Linda’s Quiche with berries
Accompanied by Gene’s Ashland Roast

Karen’s Mango Chutney Chicken
With yummy curried rice
For three dinners at home
Was heavenly with its spice

Hamlet on Sunday
Brought us to our feet at the end
Even though the “Hip Hop” Players
Made our minds have to bend

Bothered by two young drunks
On the porch of our abode
Charlene chased them away saying
If they didn’t go her head would explode

Anne arrived Monday morning
Ready to relax and rest
Yeah! The sun’s still out
Showing the flowers at their best

Tuesday brought showers
And a Pride and Prejudice Matinee
Swirling dancers and clever dialogue
Made this a most enjoyable play

Dinner at Amuse
All wearing Terri’s flashing glam rings
Each meal was delicious
The waiter was “Amuse”d with our bling

Several trips to the Spa
Each of us gladly paid
For painted nails or massages
A connection to Simplicio was made

Karen invited Simplicio
To our vacation abode
His gentle manner and skill
On Christiane he bestowed

The musical “She Loves Me”
On Wednesday we adored
Based on “Little Shop Around the Corner”
Left us laughing, asking for more

For Wednesday’s evening meal
To Peerless Restaurant we went
Waiter Bill’s treat of Honey Mead
Was heaven sent.

Christiane had a breakfast idea
For us when we awakened
And slaved over the stove top
Frying up a treat of bacon

Throughout the week
We relaxed, shopped, and read
Sometimes walking around town
Or through the park instead

Anne brought a book
She absolutely had to read
Book club was at her house
She had to be up to speed

A few used the beading supplies
For a rainy day they were brought
To make a bookmark or two
After they were taught

From a wedding across the street
We watched the bride flee looking riled
Just another “porch experience”
That caused our imagination to run wild

Already to Thursday
Where did the week go?
We were just getting started
To be in rhythm with the flow

Not enough entertainment?
To the movies several went
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
And Letters To Juliet

Jan’s French Toast with berries
Char’s Pancakes with syrup from Quebec
Too many calories you say?
It’s vacation, what the heck!

Mimosas or smoothies
Each morning we enjoyed
Wine tasting each evening
Kept the wine shop employed

Potato nests with scrambled eggs
Coffee Cake to bake too
Good thing it was done
Before the old range blew

Too much activity for the stove top
Caused it to spark and blow
To the neighbors to finish cooking
Linda and Terri had to go

Thursday’s plays were awesome
“Well” provoked much thought
And “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
Much discussion later they brought

Hail to the Cork Queen
Jan wins it again
Her wine label took first place
And another year she will reign.

A new addition to the Queen’s attire
A sparkly bracelet she will wear
Along with the crown and scepter
Very regal and quite fare

It’s Friday already
And time to go
To a few more shops on the way out
Our money will flow

‘Till we meet again for lunch
We’ll bid each other adieu
"All’s well that ends well” and
“To thine own self be true”


  1. Ohmigod. This looks like such a fabulous trip! I'll need to live it vicariously when I have more time to go back over the poem more carefully.

    Welcome home! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful! I love the way you chose to share it with us. Who would have thought to turn an entire vacation into a poem.

    Welcome back!

  3. Thanks for the welcome home greetings! I started writing about our trip while I was there and finished this weekend (before I forgot). We had the best time! I'll add some other posts as the week progresses.

  4. How fun!! And even better, such a great tribute and memory that you could write this poem to remember it by.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting my cats. Come on by any time; maybe we'll have a mimosa. I enjoyed your poem. It sounds like a wonderful time.