Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flash 55 Friday CHALLENGE for this week!

Here's a challenge, if you so choose.  Write the ending to this incident we observed while driving home from Ashland on Interstate 5, just outside of Medford.  We were past the city limits and in "the country "  with no other freeway exits in site.

We are traveling 60 mph on the interstate going home from our Ashland stay.  Suddenly we see brakelights four or five cars ahead of us and watch a minivan swerve off to the shoulder of the highway and slide to an immediate stop, gravel flying.  A young woman flings open the drivers door, jumps out, runs around the front of the van, and yanks open the passanger door.  We were past her before we could see what caused her to stop so suddenly.  In 55 words what just happened?


  1. Challenge on!! Check my blog Friday...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I've taken your challenge; I've written 55 words and now I await Friday.

  3. haha....thinking she got sick of the man in her life. lol