Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash 55 Challenge - Freeway Fright

CHALLENGE:  We are traveling 60 mph on the interstate going home from our Ashland stay. Suddenly we see brakelights four or five cars ahead of us and watch a minivan swerve off to the shoulder of the highway and slide to an immediate stop, gravel flying. A young woman flings open the drivers door, jumps out, runs around the front of the van, and yanks open the passanger door. We were past her before we could see what caused her to stop so suddenly. In 55 words what just happened?

She saw him choking and slammed on the brakes, pulling the car to the side of the freeway.  Yanking open the passenger door, she pulled her ten year old from the front seat and circled her arms around his middle from behind. Thank God the Heimlich Maneuver did the trick.  He was breathing once again.


  1. Oooooh...riveting! And much more compelling than mine, I think! Thanks for this challenge, it was fun.

  2. Uh oh. I may need to write a new FF to go along with the tide here..... I love a good challenge...

    And these are all such good ones.

  3. Great challenge! I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe I can have a Sunday Flash 55.

  4. You and Natasha! Go for it! I may add another story too!