Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash 55 - Tell It Like It Is

“Do you suppose she thinks that pink spiky hair looks good?” Mom said loudly
as we watched the mid 40’s lady with punked hair and tattoos down both arms
order her coffee.

Alzheimer’s has robbed the filter present during her adult life and taken her back
to the childhood “tell it like it is” years.


  1. Your mom appears to be a truly lovely woman. Alzheimer's is such a hideous thief and it's a pity that funding for it's research has not been adequate enough to find causes and cures.
    As for the pink haired middle-aged gal, she may have needed the wake up call. Pink hair is so 80's...sheesh.

  2. I agree with everything Jana wrote in her comment. It must be hard for you and your mother to deal with her disease. My mother-in-law had it as well so I know what Alzheimer's does.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.