Monday, July 5, 2010

Cris the Inventor - for Walk

I promised Walk I would post something about Cris' lawn mowing invention.
 In an effort to reduce the amount of time he spends mowing our two acres,
he has experimented with a number of things.
This is the latest:

We already use the Cushman for grape spraying and harvest. 
He welded 5 lawnmowers together, two in front and three just behind for a 77 inch span.  
He has to manually start all 5 mowers and monitor that they are all still running. 
He tried pushing it, then pulling it. They are mulching mowers so they did do a very nice job. 

  However, he has now abandoned the project and sold the five mowers. 
It was too much work keeping them all going. 
 The turning radius was also a problem.
He is back on the John Deere riding mower
with a small mower attached at the side on a hinge
so it can be lifted when it is not needed. 


  1. I admire people who experiment like Cris. One of these days he'll come up with an invention that'll make you both rich, if he hasn't already.

  2. I could write a book about all the things he had come up with. Hey, wait a minute!

  3. OMG. With a John Deere riding mower, what more could anyone ask?