Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zander's Fourth Birthday

The Zan Man,

Zander, our Mr. Z.

The busiest 4 year old

You’ll ever see.

In constant motion

Day in and day out.

No stone left unturned

Every toy strewn about.

Learning to swim,

He uses the float,

Or just rides around

In the rubber boat.

On a bicycle he’s speedy

Legs pumping fast

But in the race with his sisters

He’s usually last

He disappears in an instant

And when we hear

The silence of his absence

The search moves to high gear.

Something’s caught his attention

After all, there’s a lot to see

At Grandma and Grandpa’s

The garden, grapes, the apple trees.

Impatient for presents

He inventories the stash

“Open presents now?”

He continually asks.

Finally ripping and tossing paper

As fast as he can be

He holds each gift up

For us all to see.

He momentarily pauses

Thinking of a wish to make

Before he blows out the candles

And dives into the cake.

In a quiet evening moment

On the grass they lay

With Grandpa looking upwards

At the stars far away.

The party is over

Now its time to go

Another years's gone by

Oh, how fast they grow!


  1. Wow, that's a wonderful ode to Zander! He sounds a lot like my grandson, Zachary, who turned 3 in April. Your poem was so upbeat and captured a happy, active 4 year old's personality! I had fun reading it and seeing the pictures.

  2. Thanks Jana! He is a cutie and a wild one! Isn't it fun to watch them grow and develop their own unique personalities(and to be able to send them home to their parents!!)

  3. Aw, how cute! Both the poem and Zander. I hope you are putting these poems together into a little collection. They would make a great gift for family as a sort of scrapbook and poem book combined.

  4. I am keeping track of these and will put them into something for the grandkids. It seems I am having better luck with these "ditties" than stories for them.

  5. Adorable -- both your grandson and your poem. They are keepers and this will be a nice way for everyone to remember these precious years.

  6. I've been making a scrapbook for each of the grandkids starting out with pictures of their parents as kids, their parents wedding, their birth, also including lots of pictutes of them at various ages, their siblings and relatives, stickers and pictures of things each of them likes. I've completed 5 of the 8 - they usually receive them around age 5 when they may appreciate them a bit more. Now I can add these sing-song rhymes with pictures to the "something from Grandma Linda" legacy. It's so fun!

  7. These are great poems. You should bind the collection and give them to the parents for Christmas. I'm sure the kids love them too, but as a parent they're pretty cool.