Monday, July 5, 2010

My garden projects, or "what has taken me away from my writing for a bit"

With the start of warmer weather here, I have been spending more time outside working in the yard than inside working on my writing.  Both tasks are satifying because they are efforts of creation.  So, below is a smattering of pictures of my labors of love this spring.

Peonies in the circle:

 One of two matching pots at the driveway entrance:

Garden path before:

And after:

Meet Mme Julia Correvon Clematis:

And Prince Charles Clematis

Take a gander at the garden:

Now if we would just get some sushine, maybe my tomatoes, cukes, peppers and pumpkins would grow!


  1. Holy cow!

    You've been working and I don't mean fiddling around with a potted plant here and there. You've been making major improvements and planting seeds which will reward you in the weeks to come.

    You should be very proud of yourself and allow yourself to bask in the glory of what you've created. You've got all winter to nurture your creative writing talent, although you're managing to do that presently quite frequently.

    You are so productive. I'm totally impressed and wish I would have more to show for my efforts.

  2. Oh my goodness - your garden is beautiful!! It must bring you so much joy to wander through and savor the fruits of your labor.
    Way to tap into your creative side and produce so much beauty!

    Guess I'll go out and weed my poor neglected flowerbed... :)

  3. Thanks Shaddy and Jana - It is a labor of love, because I really do find it relaxing (except when I'm shoveling gravel or barkdust). It is rewarding to stand back at the end of the day and see what has been accomplished. I love having a flower bouquet from my yard on the dining room table. Did you know you can put clematis in cut flower bouquets? They are beautiful and last longer that the other flowers!

  4. Simply amazing.... Your garden is absolutely breathtaking!

  5. Thanks Natasha! Welcome back - missed you! This has been keeping me pretty busy! I try to buy mostly perennials so they will come back each year! The clematis did especially well. Roses not so good. Veggies coming along, but really behind due to late start. We had several trees taken down and I am sad to say our tree guy was not even remotely as interesting as yours.