Friday, October 1, 2010

Alone at Night

This is my response to Ann Linquist's challenge to write using "Standing in the kitchen, late at night" as the beginning sentence.

Standing in the kitchen
Late at night
Awakened from sleep
By a beam of light

Motion sensor, all knowing
In the dark it sees
The dance of branches
In the Cypress trees

Its light shadow shows
Upon my wall
Just above my bed
Like a wake up call

On and off it goes
All night long
While the wind careens
And bellows its song

Not a deer or raccoon
Nor person there
Just the show-off wind
Playing power games without care

House safe and secured
For the rest of the night
I’ll try once more for sleep
Knowing everything is alright


  1. I love it!! I think the wind gets lonely and likes to wake you up.

  2. Very nice!! I've had this experience several times, too. I really enjoy the way you captured it in your poem.

  3. Thanks Shaddy and Jana - That is a picture of the light and tree at the corner of our house. The window just to the left of it is our bedroom. When we first moved here, I jumped up every time the light came on to see what was out there. Now I know better!