Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We've been robbed!!

We returned from a great stay at the beach this past weekend to find we had been robbed!  It's not quite as bad as that sounds.  But it is bad for our wine crop.  A bevy of birds have been having a feast on our wine grapes and have taken MORE than their fair share.  Just look at these poor clusters of Pinot Noir.
I went outside with my mini air horn and tooted it a couple of times, then realized that the neighbors would probably not appreciate hearing it every half an hour or so.  Clapping my hands and running through the rows is another option, but these darn birds are pretty crafty.  They just fly to the neighbors trees and wait till the noisy lady leaves the vinyard, then they return to continue their demolition.

The grapes are way behind in ripening this year and we are not sure they will get to the needed brix (sugar content) to harvest.  So, maybe these birds are just saving us the work of cutting the clusters and throwing them away.........


  1. What a shame to come home from you weekend away to find damage to your vinyard. Is it common to experience grape robbery by birds?

    I'm glad you had a great time at the beach. Good for you.

    I certainly hope the grapes reach the needed brix so you have at least some to harvest. All your hard work just has to be rewarded in some way.

  2. Yes, bird pilfering is a known hazard to vinyards. We haven't experienced it in the 6 years we have been harvesting, however. This has been an interesting year for everything in the garden. Cooler, more rain, and way less sun this year in the pacific northwest.

    We took mom to the beach this weekend to celebrate her 88th birthday. We all (nine of us) had a great time. The weather was wonderful Friday and Saturday. Rainy and windy on Sunday. We found our deck chairs upside down in the neighbors yard!

  3. Are you part of the west coast heat wave now?

    I've never had vineyards, but I have had apple trees. I'd watch the squirrels pick the most perfect apples, take a single bite and toss the rest of the apple on the ground.

    We're having massive rain right now. Even the Weather Channel crew wasn't able to make it here last night due to bad weather!

  4. We have had some warm welcome days - but just in the 80's, which is wonderful. Looks like we will stay nice until Monday - in the 70's. Maybe those grapes will get enough sun after all.
    Wow - lots of rain on your coast. Stay dry!

  5. I think you need a subscribe button. I always miss your posts because I can't get an email reminder.
    My sister's orchard gets hit by the birds. She gets cussing made when they rape her cherry trees.

  6. Dayner - See if the subscribe icon works for you. I'm not sure if I have to put other info in or not.

  7. Sorry - I deleted the subscribe icon. It was the only option for subscribe via email and it doesn't look right. Where did you find yours?