Friday, October 15, 2010

Nate and Anna meet

Nate was exhausted from his busy day at work, so the moment his head touched the pillow, he fell into a deep sleep. In his dream he was in the meadow at Hillside Museum working to clear the walking trail. He looked up to see her standing at the end of the path, ethereal in her flowing purple cape.

“I told you I would come,” she said. “Didn’t you believe me?”

She sounded just as he imagined. He moved toward her, his eyes never leaving her face. “No, I didn’t believe you. I don’t believe any of this. Why are you here?”

“You are my soul mate, my one love throughout time. Together we are complete,” she replied.

Nate touched her cheek and felt the start of a memory, just out of reach.

He closed his eyes trying to pull it forward, then felt the touch of her lips on his and breathed the scent of lilacs. An image from the past flickered in his mind, then disappeared.

“You are my chosen one,” she said. “And I need your help.”

"I can't even help myself," he said grimly, pulling himself back.  "What makes you think I can help you?"


  1. Very intriguing, Parrot. Will you base your NaNoWriMo novel on these two?

  2. Yes I plan to use the outline I completed during the mystery writing class I took in March (posted it on blog in march) and have been practicing scenes the last couple of weeks about Nate and Anna.

  3. Just me saying hi. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. I love the line where Nate feels the start of a memory.

  5. Thanks Natasha! I'm getting his memory search primed. I think I will need to change the flower smell to lavender instead of lilac - I don't see lilacs on the plant list for Hillstead, but I do see lavender. Do you see lilacs in your area?

  6. Hi Shaddy - Spent the weekend getting yard work done before the rains come. We are harvesting grapes today and tomorrow - wish us luck! Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. You've hooked me on this story. I want to know why she needs him help.
    Where is Hillstead? I like the lilacs better than lavender. Lavender is more common I think. Lilac is more original.

  8. Hill-Stead Museum is in Farmington, CT. Natasha knows the Director and CEO there and suggested it. It is perfect because it was a residence 100 years ago and in my story line Anna used to live there then. I have a plant list and they have lavender, but lilac is not listed. So just wondered if they grew on the east coast. If you want, go back to March archive and look at Its a Mystery to Me acts 1-3. That is my story plan for Nov.

  9. Yes, lilacs are big in the east coast! I miss them down here.

    ALSO -- You are right, Parrot. My gmail account DID get hacked. :( From China.

    I've changed passwords and hopefully it will be okay now. But you can ignore that email -- please let me know if you get another! thx.