Friday, September 3, 2010

Come Walk With Me

Come with me on my morning walk around the block.  It's 2.5 miles around, so there are plenty of interesting things to show you.  But first the essentials - hat, phone, key and my Road ID.   I originally bought one of these Road ID wrist bands for my husband who rides his bicycle around the backroads of the country.  It has his name, address, phone contacts, and allergies listed on it.  Since he doesn't carry a wallet with him when he rides, this is A Must!  I got one to wear when I walk, just in case something goes awry.  Check them out:  (They make them to go on your shoe too!)

So, on to our walk.  We are out in the country as you can tell by the first stretch.

My first greeters are two charming little ones.  They actually live just across the street, so they greet me leaving and returning.

Down the street is a horse stable and several pastures. Not as many horses boarding now as there were in the summer. 

Just past the stable you can see this field and pond through the fence.  There is a blue heron sitting in the water. (Trust me)

He's trying not to be too interested, but he watches me from his porch anyway.

This is the longest stretch of road.  I'm breathing hard by now, 'cause it's been uphill for awhile.

These three always help me up the next hill.  They run along the fence, encouraging me with their barks.

The newest church in our neighborhood.  It's very stately.

This one has a Great Dane big sister named Ella.  She must have been sleeping in today.


There are some grand old houses. This one is 100 yrs old and has been beautifully refurbished

Also some interesting ones.  They just cut the shrubbery from around it, and gave it some paint,  so you can now see its charm.

Then there are the neglected and sad ones.  This one lost its owner to a foreclosure.

Frank is always sitting at the front of his garage, watching the traffic go by.  It is just across from the county fair grounds, so there is quite a bit to see.  He always has a "hello", but not usually a smile.

We've turned a corner again, on to the downward stretch.

Part one of a duo we have named TBone and RibEye.

This is the scariest one along the way. He acts like he wants to rip my head off!  I can't imagine what would happen if there wasn't a fence.

Llamas!!  There are four of them and they are usually very curious when I walk by.  Today...... not so much.

Home again.  Hope you had a good work out.  I know I did.

Have a great and safe weekend!


  1. I loved every minute of my walk with you. Your photographs and narrative brought me right in step with you. Just like you, I worked up a sweat and was huffing and puffing on that long incline.

    Your many acquaintances along the way truly enhanced our workout.

  2. Thanks for coming along Shaddy! We must be on a walking theme this week. I am so thankful all of these creatures are behind fences.

  3. Thanks for walking with me! I love my hat! Got it at Buchart Gardens in Victoria a couple of years ago. It gives a spring to my step! Maybe the hummers help too...

  4. OMG your hat is too cute!
    My hubby and I like to walk in a EEL (Environmentally Endangered Landscape) near where we live. It has a total of 4.4 miles of incredibly diverse hiking trails. The mosquito's are as large as small bats and you definitely need to spray for ticks before heading out into the mesic and palm hammocks, but oh how beautiful and worth every ounce of deet.

    Your walk is lovely. It must be fun to say hi to all of the animal friends that greet you along the way.

  5. Mosquitos the size of bats??? And I thought the mean snarling dog was an issue!! Other than that, your walking trails sound amazing. My two favorite dogs haven't been out the last couple of days. They are male and female siblings - golden retrievers. They race down to the fence from their house and the male barks up a storm while the female watches. When I step one inch past their fence, they stop barking and head back up hill to their home. The fence is open just next to the gate, but they don't even go there. They are absolutely beautiful dogs.

  6. What a great walk! Thanks for sharing -- you certainly see a wide variety of species along the way.

    I love my morning walks with Polly along the beach. There is something so special about that early, private time....

  7. Cris sometimes accompnies me on my morning walk. Together we usually stir up more barking dogs, because we seem to talk the whole way around.
    I'm glad you have the private time in your lovely setting.