Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flash 55 - Playing Chicken With Cars

Most drivers are considerate as I walk along the country roads. They courteously move over to give me room. But today, two cars passed me taking up both lanes. They honked at each other but neither slowed. I was given the option of standing still, hoping there was enough room or jumping into a culvert. Grrrr....


  1. How was it in the culvert?

    I agree that some drivers have attitudes that don't allow them to be nice to walkers or runners. They resent that we're getting into their space. Grrr...for sure!!

  2. You've heard of Murphy's law? Here's Gullible's Law: If two cars meet on an otherwise deserted road, it will be at the point of the pedestrian.

  3. I have found that carrying a simple air horn with me on walking trips not only keeps the wild animals at a distance, but can also be used to express frustration towards drivers with impolite attitudes.

  4. I love DS's suggestion. I usually shout obscenities but the drivers have already whizzed by and the only people I manage to offend are that sweet little old guy weeding his garden.

    I'm a gonna get me an air horn....

  5. Don't know what happened to my first comment - it looked like it took, but is not here. So,

    Shaddy -about space- yes, and my husband has the same problem when he is riding his bicycle around the back roads. Trucks and little old ladies are the worst.

    Gullible - SO THAT'S WHY - Gullibles Law! Thanks for letting me know.

    DS- Why didn't I think of that! I need an air horn for sure.

    Natasha - I did do some waving of my hands, but no shouting, just muttering as I continued on.