Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bad safety vibes this week, or "It’s a Full Moon Martha"

Monday morning we were awakened at 3:30am by loud pounding on our front door. The Sheriff’s Department was searching our property for an intruder who had fled from a neighbor’s home after a home invasion. He hasn’t been caught yet, so it makes you more diligent about locking doors and safety-proofing your home (those plastic rods in the sliding windows and doors are now in place – something we hadn’t gotten around to in the eight or so years we’ve lived here.)

Then today, on my way into town, I was in the path of a car careening towards me from across four lanes of traffic. I hit the brakes and moved over a lane, as the car passed just in front of me and slammed into the rock wall at the side of the road, ejecting the driver onto the highway (I didn’t see that part.). I  pulled over immediately, my hands shaking so badly it took two tries to dial 911. Adrenalin rush. Big time. The 911 Dispatcher had to ask me to repeat myself several times. The lady was run over twice, and a Good Samaritan who stopped to help was also run over. Both are in local hospitals with non life-threatening injuries. No word on the cause.

I’ve read that your life flashes before your eyes during life-threatening instances, but I have to say, all I was focused on was where that car was going and how I was going to make sure it didn’t hit me. A two second difference and it could have been a head on collision. It’s scary how fast it all happened.

So I’m waiting for the third shoe to drop – things always happen in three’s, right? The Moon is still full.

I told my mom, who has Alzheimer’s disease, about the two instances, and her response was, “Well, it could be a good thing that will happen next.”  Hadn’t thought of it that way, but I’ll take it!


  1. Something wonderful has to happen to make up for those two events! Glad you are okay :)

  2. holy sheet. what some people will do to get material for their writing! :-o

    sounds like you've had quite a week - glad you are okay!

    the home invasion part is the really scary one, since that's the gift that will keep on giving as you keep on checking behind closed doors to see if you missed them. sheesh.

  3. Sandra - Thanks! I'm waiting for something wonderful too!

    Natasha - Why do things always come bunched together? But it does make for great story lines - now I can write about an almost-accident from personal experience. And yeah - it was particularly difficult to go back to sleep that night - so many little noises outside to imagine the worst about.

  4. You might want to open your best bottle of wine and sip from it or, better yet, guzzle down a goodly amount. Just reading about your experiences has me pretty shook up and yearning for some liquid relaxation.

    I'm so happy that you survived the near accident with your vehicle and I'm praying the neighborhood intruder is found.

    I like the positive statement your mother made. I believe she's right.

    Take care,

  5. Trust me Shaddy - I opened a bottle of wine that evening! So far we haven't heard any more about the intruder. I'm hoping he is long gone!