Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maya Goes to the Dentist

I’m pissed, in case you can’t tell. See that bulge in my cheek? Well, it’s not a bird.

Impacted tooth is what I heard my Mom say. She shoved me inside the pink box and drove me to that torture place. She thinks I don’t remember what happens every time she takes me there.

I caused a bit of a ruckus, I’m happy to say. They thought they were going to stick me with that sharp thing. But they didn’t know who they were dealing with. Ha! I escaped and ran for the front door. Except it was closed and there was nowhere else to go but the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Darn. I was sooo close.

Blood – they wanted my blood! It was worse than any cat fight I’ve ever been in. Well, I haven’t really been in any cat fights, but I’m sure that’s what it would have been like. I gave them my best yowl, hiss, and even threw in a growl or two, but it did no good. They ganged up on me and Mom didn’t help me at all.

The lady said I needed dental surgery, whatever that is. At least I got to come home. Bella hasn’t given me much sympathy either, but she is staying close. We were both relaxing by the fire when Mom caught me unaware and squirted some yucky tasting stuff in my mouth. Antibiotics she says. “It will make you feel all better, Maya.” I’ll fool her. I’m staying under the bed for the rest of my life.

Except this morning I’m hungry, and there’s no food in my dish. Or water. What, now she’s going to starve me? Oh no, Dad’s in on it too. He held me while Mom put more of that yucky stuff in my mouth and then he put me in the pink box. Crap! I’m going back to that torture place, I just know it. Mom talked to me all the way there, telling me I would be just fine, but I wasn’t listening. I’m just too pissed.


  1. Poor baby! Lola sends 'meows' in solidarity. Hope she's okay.

    I did have one kitty who needed to go to the dentist once a year and it was torture for all involved.

    Good luck!

  2. My goodness. That's quite a bulge alright!!

    I'm curious. Did they pull the tooth?

  3. Poor thing looks so miserable! Cute story, though. At least she has your understanding, whether she appreciates it or not. lol

  4. She's home tonight - minus THREE teeth! The rest are good as new now. She went immediately back under the bed, after she stopped at her food dish. She can only have a small amount tonight because of the anesthetic. She still looks pathetic, but the swelling is gone now. I bet she will come out to check what's going on later tonight. Especially if I turn on the fireplace - her fav place. The Vet said her blood sugar was high and so was her BUN (Kidney function test). She's 16 - thats 80 in people years.

  5. Oh, the poor thing. Makes my jaw hurt just looking at her. You really got into the mind of a cat with this piece. Nice work.

    HA! My verification "word" was dambil...as in "damn bill," which is what I imagine you're facing now.