Monday, January 3, 2011

Live In The Moment

Cherish all the moments
Being with family and friends
They go by in an instant
On that you can depend

Don’t just check something off
As one more task that’s been done
Because when you look back
You may have missed all the fun.

When I get super busy
And make long lists
I sometimes loose the real reason
That being together exists

I may have gone through the motions
In an efficient way
Only to find out later
I missed the whole day

A clever comment or antic
By a grandchild or an adult
A special feeling in the air
With children’s laughter, the result

I may have been too preoccupied
With that and with this
To enjoy the moment
And embrace the bliss

My lesson to you
I share in this lament
Hear it loud and clear
For its truth is evident

Learn to live in each moment
Don’t waste any of its time
Without enjoying it fully
To do otherwise is a crime


  1. What a great poem to keep in mind a VERY important rule to live by!

    Absolutely! I hope you got a lot of family & friend time in over the holidays.

  2. So true. Even us introverts understand the value of quality time with the people we love. I feel very blessed that I learned this lesson early in life. In a world so driven by quantity and gain, it is easy to lose the first 2/3 (or more) of your life in the race to gain things far less important that memories and love.

    Happy New Year, Parrot. Thank you for starting the year with such a lovely thought. - DS

  3. Thank you all for you comments! I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends. I wrote this after the rush of the holidays and thought it was worth sharing.

  4. Your poetry writing passion and the message you convey in these verses are both splendid.

    I'm getting better at worrying less and enjoying more. It's taken me way too long but I appreciate it more because of the journey.

    Thank you for sharing these important thoughts. Putting them into words as you have will impress them into your heart, and mine.

  5. One more thing. I went to get my hair cut and colored this afternoon at Salon EtCetera, owned and operated by Paula Frye. She said you're friends who met in BWW. Talk about a small world!! Paula's brother lives right behind Lon and I. I just had to share all of this with you!!

  6. Yes,it is amazing! I have two great friends from that very first BWW class of Ann's. I hope you can encourage Paula to start writing again!
    I'm taking Ann's Writing Essentials class starting Jan 19th. Have you taken that one?

  7. Paula indicated that she has been journaling and hopes to write more.

    I haven't taken Ann's newest class. Let me know what you think of it.

  8. Nice One, PW. It's good to have a reminder sometimes. Honestly, I've had enough if extended family over the last few weeks, I'd just love to have some down time with my kids for a few days.
    I hope you had a lovely holiday. I'm hoping to get back to my blog soon.

  9. Good, I've missed your posts! Hope you have that down time this weekend!