Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing Prompt - Galumping

Use the following words together in a story:
 Remara Bearwafter
      Steamroller    Envelope
   Secrets       Food fight

The Bullied One

La la la Remara
Said the kids taunting her
Ba ba ba Bearwafter
Echoed their cruel laughter
Food fight junk of her life
Flies around her bleak world
While its harsh steamroller
Flattens her weak envelope
Crushing the secret hope
Of happy acceptance


  1. Response from my instructor Ann:

    This is the essence of creative galumphing. The odd words become poetic images as the taunts become steamrollers, and her hope, an envelope. The bullying is the uncontrolled chaos of kids in a foodfight. It’s a keeper, Parrot!

  2. Excellent, Linda. I love it and admire you for composing it.

  3. This really is an impressive piece. Ann has it exactly right. Congrats.

  4. Really nice piece. You capture the essence of her life so well.

  5. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate your comments.