Friday, July 22, 2011

Now What? A 500 word writing prompt - For Dawn

  (A writing prompt from Ann. An essay of 500 words on the following: Now what?)

What if you thought you only needed one cat but ended up with two? Kitty #1 seemed lonely and a second one felt like the right thing to do. Kitty #2 came from the same place as the first, a shelter/adoption agency just for cats.

You’ve watched for the last four months as Kitty #2 has dominated and made life hell for Kitty #1. Kitty #2 has also jumped off your balcony into “no-no” land ten feet down and been captured by the crazy renters in the condo below you. When you rescued her, you smelled pot and who-knows-what-other dangerous things.

Kitty #2 is on a path to destroy your new couch by clawing deep divots in its arms. Kitty #2 has been sleeping on your bed at night and taking up more than her share of the space. Kitty #2 makes it quite well known that she requires breakfast at 6AM by loud meowing, sitting on your chest, then if these tactics don’t work, face batting. Your normal waking hour is 8AM, thank-you-very-much. And to top it off, Kitty #2 is not particularly friendly nor does she want to sit on your lap or be held.

What if, after weeks of agonizing debate with yourself, you finally decide to return Kitty #2 to the shelter? They take her back willingly with no recriminations. You breathe a sigh of relief and reorganize things in the condo for yourself and Kitty #1.

Life returns to normal and you are happy with your decision.

Then Kitty #1 stops eating. She wanders the condo meowing and looking for, yes, you are sure, Kitty #2. Kitty #1 is in a funk and no cajoling, special treats, nor extra petting will bring her back to her happy self. You find yourself looking for Kitty #2 when you get home from work. Your mornings have less distractions, but they seem too quiet.

Now what?

After four days, you relent and return to the shelter/adoption agency to bring Kitty #2 home. They say she is there, but no one can find her. They know she spent the first two days in kitty-quarantine to make sure she wasn’t sick, then was released into the large area with the others waiting for adoption.

You walk into the area calling her name, and after a few calls you hear,”meow, Meow, MEOW.” She has climbed to the highest place in the enclosure and has been in hiding in the corner until she hears your voice. She waits for you to come rescue her, of course, to teach you a lesson. But, she is so high up that you have to stand on your very tippy-toes and stretch your arms as far as you can to reach her. She finally jumps into your arms and immediately starts to purr.

When you walk through the door, Kitty #1 is there to greet Kitty #2. They play, eat, and sleep together for the next week, totally ignoring you.

Now what?

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