Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nicholas Gets Married


The day was breathtakingly beautiful, as were the bride and groom. Beach weather in Oregon in early July can be unpredictable, but it was a glorious day to witness the union of two special people on the beach in Gearhart. Nicholas, my nephew and the oldest of my brother's three children, is the child my sister Robin and her husband Mike adopted in 1985. When they passed away, my brother and his wife, Matt and Debbie, enveloped him into their family. They were intimately involved in the ceremony this day, as were Natalie and Drew, Nick's sister and brother.

Barefooted groomsmen in gray slacks and vests, with cream-colored dress shirts and yellow ties followed Nick down the slope of a massive sand dune behind us to the decorated arch set up as the alter. Bridesmaids followed, clutching bouquets of yellow and white, in their individually designed silver dresses. All eyes were on Angelica as she was escorted down the sand dune on the arm of her father. Her stunning ruffled dress caught the beach breeze and flowed around her gently;  her smile was as wide as the ocean as she looked at her husband to be.

The special vows they had each written were spoken with conviction. Nick chose to say his vows to Angelica on his knees, to honor his bride. Their love for each other was clearly visible.

They embrace God totally in their lives and live to serve Him. I love them both and wish them all the best that love between two people and marriage can be.


  1. Gorgeous pics! A beautiful couple and a lovely story. We see a lot of beach weddings here and sometimes the weather is 'uh oh, shoulda done this indoors.' Looks like a perfect day.

  2. What a wonderful place to say those special words that bond two people together in marriage. They make a beautiful couple, indeed, and I'm sure they're in for a wonderful life of many memorable years.


  3. It's great to hear your thoughts on the day (: