Friday, February 18, 2011

Hit and Run (From Ann's Writing Prompt)

Ann's writing challenge is to use the following six phrases in a story: 
Cracked plastic, waning moon, a scar, 4th floor, an old boiler, death on a bicycle

Oh God! Oh God! He hadn’t seen her until it was too late. The waning moon cast shadows on the side of the bridge where she had been riding. He couldn’t help her now; she was gone. He had to help himself. Cover it up.

He rushed to the side of the old bridge and looked over the edge in panic at the rushing river. He could barely see the impromptu underwater garbage dump below – he was as high as four floors above it – but he knew it was there.

The old boiler parts caused the largest scar on the river bottom, surrounded by other decaying pieces of metal, fragments of cracked plastic and old glass. A place unobserved by most; a place unknown by many; now her place.

He pushed her mangled bicycle off the edge and watched it take its death ride, matching hers, into obscurity below. He ran back to his car and punched the gas pedal, screeching the tires as he sped away.



  1. Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for following my blog. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Great job, Linda!! I'm glad you're creative; I'm presently not.

  3. Really good description here! The urgency comes through, too...

  4. Thanks! I don't usually write this dark, but the prompt words just took me there.