Friday, February 4, 2011

Hillside Novel

“Troubles, my man?” said Hugo. 

“Rennie says my job’s on the line. If I don’t get the museum grounds in top shape, including the hiking trails and gazebo, the Board is recommending that I be replaced. I’m feeling the pressure," said Nate.

“Hey, Bro,” Hugo said, “No one loves that place more than you do. They can’t fire you. They won’t if they know what's good for them.”

“I think the Board may have someone else already in mind for the job.”

“Just keep goin’ forward. You can do it. You have the plans all there in your head. Give Riley more responsibility; he can handle it.”

"I’ve already overloaded him. No, these are things I need to do. I’m having trouble staying focused, you know. Keeping myself organized. I wish I didn’t have so many distractions,” said Nate. He leaned forward gripping his glass of beer.

“What other distractions?” Nate knew Hugo sensed there was something else on his mind.

“You won’t believe this. I can’t believe it.”

“You got me now. Give it up.”

“Do you remember the girl in the painting that's hanging at the entrance to the atrium? It’s been in the same place since I can remember.”

“Yeah, when I could see. I remember thinking she was a goddess with her cape and long black hair.”

“Well, she’s talking to me.”


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh.

    really, really good!!! I can hardly wait to read the whole thing!

  2. What a story you've got going for you!! You've done a fine job with your dialogue. I can totally picture the two guys talking.

    Way to go, girlfriend.

  3. Thanks ladies! I've been remiss at the editing process this past couple of weeks (having more fun with "Zines" and such), but picked it up today to move forward. Thanks for the positive comments.