Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide's Great Treasure Hunt

(My 7 yr old grandson picked out this picture from our trip to the beach during
their stay and asked me to write him a story about it.  Below is "Sir Tyler
 Digsalot and Professor Adelaide's Great Treasure Hunt", for Tyler)

Sir Tyler Digsalot was on a mission to discover treasure under the sand. He and
his trusty helper Professor Adelaide dug deeper and deeper in the sand close
to the surf.  They dug so deep they both disappeared from view. Sand flew up
over their heads and out onto the beach. And as they dug they got smaller and
smaller. Soon they found themselves standing in front of a clear blue pool of
water. It looked like a window to the mystery of the deep.

Suddenly a huge crab came into view. He had a very large crown on his head
and was clearly in charge. He motioned for them to come through the water
into the sea creature's world below.

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide, being an adventurous duo, dove
through the water into the world on the other side.

King Crab spoke. “I can see that you are very curious indeed and want to know
more about our world. What would you like to know?” he asked Sir Tyler

“I want to know if you have any games to play under the sand,” he said.

King Crab replied, “Of course we do. We have the Sand and Surf Arcade. But it
requires whole sand dollars to play. Do you have any?”

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide dug into their pockets and found
only pieces of sand dollars, not whole ones.

“Well, that’s okay. We will make them work for your visit. Follow me,” said King

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide followed King Crab into a room full of
activity. There were shrimp sitting around large open shells playing card games,
jellyfish dancing to music played by a quartet of sand crabs, starfish showing
off their climbing skills on a towering piece of coral, clams competing in a
squirting contest, and sea worms and snails playing all sorts of arcade games.
The games looked like fun, so Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide played
each one until they had used up all of their sand dollar pieces.

Finally, King Crab said, “There is one special game you can play before you
must return home.” He took them to the back of the Sand and Surf Arcade to
the Sea World Race Track. Waiting in race stalls were sea horses with saddles,
bridles, and reins.

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide each picked a sea horse to race. Sir
Tyler Digsalot picked one named Toohey and Professor Adelaide picked one
named Roxie. As they raced their sea horses, the other sea creatures cheered.

First, Sir Tyler was ahead, then Professor Adelaide took the lead. Finally in the
last stretch, they were neck and neck. Their sea horses crossed the finish line
at the same time.

“You are both winners,” said King Crab above the cheering crowd. “But now
it is time to go,” he said motioning them towards the pool of water.

Sir Tyler Digsalot and Professor Adelaide thanked the King Crab for letting
them play the arcade games at the Sand and Surf, and race the sea horses.
They then dove into the pool and found themselves back on the other side.
They looked up and could see the beautiful blue sky of the beach above

They returned to their normal size as they climbed out of the hole they had
dug. They brushed themselves off and laughed together. “What an adventure,”
Professor Adelaide exclaimed. “But no one will believe us when we tell them.
We have no proof.”

Suddenly Sir Tyler Digsalot felt something in his pocket, then so did Professor
Adelaide. They each pulled our two perfectly whole sand dollars. “Now we have
proof,” said Sir Tyler Digsalot. “We have whole sand dollars. King Crab must
have put them in our pockets before we left.”

The tide was starting to come in and the waves were coming closer and closer
to their dig site. Finally one big wave completely covered the top of it. When
the wave went back, their hole was gone.

“It’s time to go,” Sir Tyler Digsalot said. “We need to report in to Grand Poo Bah
McMann and tell him about our great adventure.

“Yeah, and show him our cool treasure,” said Professor Adelaide.

They carefully put their whole sand dollars in their buckets and walked back to
the house.


  1. Wonderful story! Good for you :)

  2. Very imaginative. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it. I'll bet your grandson loves it!

  3. Thanks Sandra - you know how much you have influenced my children's writing by your awesome examples!

    Jana - Yea Jana - that is what I am trying for - a smile (or a giggle) from all!

  4. I'll bet the grandkids LOVED this story from their Grand Poo Bah!

    Good fun!

  5. You did a wonderfully imaginative job of writing with a simple photo as your motivation. I love it! I could picture everything you described.

  6. Thanks Natasha and Shaddy!! Yes, Tyler and Addie loved it! Now I'm busily working on the next one! Yikes!! The pressure is on...

  7. This is wonderful! I also had a smile on my face as I read it. Have you considered trying to turn this into something publishable? You're very good at children's stories!!

  8. Thanks for your support! I may submit it somewhere, but I think I still have a lot to learn! For now it's just for the kiddies! (And the blog)