Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ann's Latest Oiuja Poetry Challenge

 Ann has issued the following oiuja poetry challenge.  She asked us to create a poem from the prompt she has provided:

Ann's prompt:                                   My attempt:

Fjew jr;lsa/                                         Just a few years ago

Dkjr s                                                  Dark lonely years

Eoighbvnmcnxo9eng                       Erin had been immersed in pining.

Xndn f                                                She couldn't find

Enfkkdan ek;anc oaeh g4 ajf           Enough friction or energy to go for it again.

D aekvne                                            Does she ask for intervention?

Asken cog                                         Ask for courage?

And wog,                                           Then work

Adsktw;ioxnss                                  At starting to find happiness again?

Check out her blog for other creations:  (


  1. Cool -- this might be the inspiration to give this round of Ouija poetry a whirl!

  2. Wow! You got THAT from THAT?! My hat is off to you. Excellent example.

  3. Thanks - it is always interesting what we see in the random symbols and letters of oiuja poetry!

  4. I'm totally blown away with your interpretation of Ann's gibberish. Very, very well done.

    I went to Ann's site but gave up after experiencing a few twinges of a headache. It wasn't my day for making something out of the hodgepodge of letters. It's easier to just sit and admire your submission.

  5. Aw, thanks! It's certainly no fun if it gives you a headache!!