Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing in a Flash

Friday it will be seven days since 7 year old Kyron disappeared from school in Northwest Portland.

Search teams have combed the area, the FBI has arrived, and the search effort has been re-invigorated with the arrival of additional help from across the state.

Everyone is praying for the safe return of this little boy.


  1. Oh dear, that's so unbelievably heartwrenching. I also will pray for his safe return.

  2. It is so hard to watch. Of course, it is the first topic on every local news station. The support and involvement of so many local people give me such hope that he will be found unharmed.
    We are all donating food and supplies for the volunteers - some searchers as young as 14. Thanks for your positive energy and prayers too!

  3. This is so scary! There is no greater torture for a parent than to lose a child. I cannot imagine what they are going through.
    I'm praying too.

  4. The family has refused to go on camera saying they want all the effort to go to finding their son. There is some thought that he went with someone he knew, but they are following all leads. The tip line has had over 1200 calls as of yesterday. Thanks for your prayers.

  5. Today this has turned into a criminal investigation. The area around the school and the 5 mile radius has been searched with no result. They have been pretty tight lipped about any information. The officials are offering a $25,000 reward for info. There are flyers posted EVERYWHERE. This past week has been the Rose Festival week in Portland (parades, waterfront festival, ships in port) and there are many more folks in town to be a part of the celebrations. Downtown Portland is about 20 miles from this school.
    Where are you, buddy?