Friday, June 4, 2010

Flash 55 - Sonia's Regret - Part 2

A soft knock sounded on the door to Elisa’s wedding day dressing room.

The elderly lady standing before her unclasped a sapphire pendant necklace and gently clasped it around Elisa’s neck, whipering, “Please right the wrong”.

As Elisa took hold of the pendant to admire it, she was suddenly enveloped in a swirling black whorl.


  1. Elisa has her work cut out for her. The pendant seems to have some evil within it.

    More, more and even more, please.

  2. Questions! i have so many questions. The first--when do we find out more?
    Great 55!

  3. Part 2 and 3 are coming. Yes they are!

  4. I love the development in this story. Each little peice makes me want more.

  5. I'm ready to post the next parts, but I'm struggling with the ending. Should I have a vote from ya'll on how it will end?