Monday, February 22, 2010

Take Ten for Writers this weeks prompt 2/22/10

I chose the homophones - maize, maze, May’s, praise, prays, preys to incorprate into my story.

Crazy Maizy Days of Spring

In the event you are reading this, the threatening sounds were indeed real. As April’s days turn into May’s, the corn maze in the back field continues to be plotted and perfected by my uncle George. Corn is the primary crop of our family farm. I love to look out the back window in late summer to see the maize-colored tops of the field glowing in the evening sun. My uncle added a maze several years ago hoping to increase our income during the fall. The local newspapers praise the increasing complexity of it each year.

As my uncle George has craftly designed, it preys on the unsuspecting visitor with complex twists and turns, dead-ends, and spooky sights and sounds through out. Turns out, he was just practicing a few new ominous sounds to stir up some interest ahead of time. He thought by increasing the intensity of the scary sounds, I would call the local police. Then the mystery surrounding it would be published in the local papers, thus increasing the number of paying customers.  No one would be the wiser, so he thought.

But one evening I caught him outside the barn with the tape player getting ready to cause trouble for yet another night. Now my uncle George just prays I won’t be able to think up something worse to pay him back.

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  1. I LOVE this!! So funny...we have a corn maze near our house with at Halloween and this reminds me of it. Very cute.

  2. Thanks! These prompts aren't easy! But they are fun!! Hope everyone has time to gove them a try.

  3. Fun read! I will have to try this writing prompt soon.

  4. I'm with Kathan and Natasha - You made me laugh with this one. What a creative way to combine your elements. I want to go play in the corn maze-maize.

  5. Thanks - give it a try with any of the sets - you're welcome to do the maze-maise one also!!

  6. I still have not had time to even look at this book! This is fun! I can't wait. Maybe this weekend.