Thursday, February 18, 2010

FLASH 55 Megan's Tea Party

Megan's puppy, kitty and parakeet always loved her parties. 

She skipped to her room to put on her prettiest pink dress, glittery high heels, and butterfly wings.  When she put on the princess crown, she giggled as she twirled around in front of the mirror.

This was going to be a very special tea party.

From Megan's Tea Party - a children's picture book I am working on in my Children's Writing Class.
Copyright Parrot Writes 2010


  1. Very cute! Are you doing the illustrations as well?

  2. Oh how sweet! I remember those days. They seem so far away now. Thank you for reminding me to reflect back on them.

  3. My niece Natalie wants to do the illustrations for this book. I am using the animals at my mom's foster home as Megan's "guests". They have a puppy Mr Tuffy, a kitty Miss Lovey, and a parakeet Mr Peety.
    It's about Megan wanting to have a tea party but not having fancy dishes, so she makes her own by coloring pretty flowers on paper cups and plates.

  4. So sweet, and I love the idea for your book!! I'm dying to read it.

  5. I'll post the whole thing in a week or so (minus illustrations,of course) - last class is Friday next week. Still making tweeks based on classmates comments. Thanks!

  6. This is an excellent 55. How fun. I can't wait to read the book too.