Friday, August 4, 2017

Things to do at 34185 or Why you should buy this house!

There are many things you can do when you buy this house!

You can enjoy breakfast on the patio.


 You can pretend you are in Italy
and enjoy the special ambiance here. 

 You can watch the beautiful birds at the feeders.

(Sometimes deer, pheasant, and quail visit, but they don't like their picture taken.)

You can host large family 
gatherings at 
 Christmas and have a 
nine-foot Christmas tree!

 You can work on a car in the awesome shop and take it from this

to this!

 You can have friends over to stay for awhile in the Guest House.

You can swim in the pool

and be silly! 

You can ride your bike or

drive a go-kart around the house through the portico.


You can have a tea party with your best-est friends and granddaughters!

You can watch the colors change for fall

or the sunrise and pretty snow from INSIDE in the winter.

In the summer you can gaze at all the glorious flowers in the gardens.

And you can watch the sky at night and sometimes see  shooting stars!

But mostly, just mostly, you can call it HOME!

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