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Forget the Housework I'm Reading - Autumn Reflections Review

Book Review - Autumn Reflections
by Katie Mettner

About the story:

1 Corinthians 13:8: Love never fails. Grayson Hanson likes to pretend he’s a superhero, sent to earth to fight off the bad guys. In reality, he’s a seven-year-old boy who wears those same superheroes on his leg braces, and fights off bullies at school. His mother, Dr. Autumn Hanson, will do anything to protect her son, including leaving her prestigious position as one of Duluth’s top orthopedic surgeons. 

Hoping for a fresh start, she moves Grayson to Cloquet, Minnesota and opens her own clinic. Steadfast in her desire for a new life, Autumn agrees to be interviewed for a feature article in the local paper. Kade Franco is a well respected journalist, who at forty-two has had his own share of love’s regrets. As the city’s most eligible bachelor, Kade can have any woman he wants, but he’s waiting for his meant-to-be. Where he doesn’t expect to find her is in the beautiful hazel eyes of the newest doctor in town.

Autumn finds Kade Franco’s sexy chocolatey brown eyes and strong lumberjack physique to be her kryptonite. She’s spent the last seven years building a wall around her heart, but fears it isn’t strong enough to withstand a man of steel determined to show her love never fails.

 An Excerpt:

 I heard a knock and looked up. Phoenix stood at the door with a man close behind her. “Dr. Hanson, Kade Franco is here to see you.” 

She stepped aside and I stood up, my eyes locking with the very chocolate brown ones of Kade Franco. “Thank you, Phoenix.” She left and I stuck my hand out across the desk. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Franco.”

He shook my hand firmly, not too hard, but no wimpy jello-hand either. “Just call me Kade, Dr. Hanson. Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon.” 

I smiled against my will. This man certainly wasn’t twenty-two, pimply faced or eager. He was lumberjack tall, trim, and had legs that went on forever. His barely there wire rims did nothing to conceal his long black lashes and his neatly trimmed scruff surrounded his melt me into a puddle smile. A tuft of curly brown hair topped off the man. My mind was stuck on the thought of how I’d like to wrap my fingers in it. Whoa, sister, back up the boat and stop staring like an idiot.

“Please, call me Autumn. Thank you for offering to do a story about my clinic.” I gushed. Good God woman, take it down a notch. You come face-to-face with a good looking guy and you can’t rub two brain cells together. Sit. He’s sitting already. Sit your butt down in the chair.

My Review:

             In Autumn Reflections, book two of the Northern Light series, we follow Dr. Autumn Hanson from book one (Granted Redemption) as she and her physically disabled seven-year-old son Grayson move from Duluth to Cloquet to start over.

            Autumn, a forty-year old devoted single mom, has closed her heart to any new romantic involvements because of losses and rejections in the past. She dotes on her sweet, smart and loving son. The stress of moving, setting up a new pediatric orthopedic clinic, worrying about and taking care of her son, and being single and alone in Cloquet cause Autumn to think she is having a either a nervous breakdown or a midlife crisis. 

            Enter Pine Journal reporter Kade Franco—lumberjack tall with barely there wire rims and a melt-me-into-a-puddle smile. Kade interviews her for a story about her clinic and knows in an instant she is his meant-to-be. He also knows the hard part will be convincing Autumn.

            Autumn struggles to overcome her fear of letting a man get too close to her heart, but the wall starts to crumble with the power of Kade’s love. The scripture themes: love is patient, love is kind and love never fails flow through the entire story. Kade is patient yet determined to show Autumn he will stick around to be her meant-to-be. He shows her kindness by his gentle manner and calm presence. He shows her there is no fear in love because his love and God’s love will never fail.

           Katie Mettner does a perfect job of describing Grayson as a super-hero-loving determined child who worries about his momma and does whatever he can to make her smile, all the while fighting his own demons and bullies. I love Kade’s conversations with Grayson. He brings the conversation down to Gray’s level and they have a mutual connection in their love for Autumn and each other. The addition of guide dog Ace is heartwarming and special as is the description of Ace and Grayson’s first meeting which brought tears to my eyes. 

           A five star must read!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review today Linda! I'm glad that what you got from the story was exactly what I wanted the reader to feel. Grayson stole the show in this book, that's for sure. :) Thanks for reading and reviewing Autumn Reflections, I really appreciate it!