Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ashland Trip 2014

Another wonderful time with the girls in Ashland this spring. We lucked out on the weather-- had sunshine for most of the days there! We saw four plays: Comedy of Errors (set in Harlem in the 1920's), A Wrinkle in Time (staging was awesome), Water by the Spoonful (a contemporary play about the complexity of online relationships, cyber chat rooms, PTSD, and addiction--- an intense and very well acted play), and The Cocoanuts (a Marx Brothers comedy-musical.)

We had lots of porch time

 afternoon happy-hour!

 morning coffee/reading time

eating time

Blueberry crepes

 Pasta and green beans

Egg muffin with Cinnamon Roll Cake

 Breakfast lasagna with more coffee cake

At our favorite restaurant, The Peerless

relaxing and reading time

spa time

pedicure with Jan

and wine time

I was crowned Cork Queen this year for my wine label entry (a tough category - "old people.") I had to watch my back as the reigning queen wasn't happy about giving up her crown. As a matter of fact she wore a back-up crown after passing the scepter and crown to me!

1st place label
2nd place winner

2nd place label

The backup crown

It rained our last day there, so we visited a new winery just outside of town, Bella Fiore. Gorgeous setting and buildings. Great wine, too!

Seems like every year the time in Ashland goes by faster! Sure do enjoy these girls! Got to get my crown on and come up with next year's wine label competition category! Any suggestions?


  1. How about storms of life? Or punk steam? Or if I could catch time in a bottle?

  2. You always have good suggestions, Kelley!

  3. Thanks a million for sharing your girl time gathering. I felt like I was there with you!! So fun that you even get in some reading time; can't beat that.

    I love your wine label that won you the crown for the year!!

    What a fun group you have!!!

    How about "Whiners" for next year's category?