Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Summer Project - The Guest House

When we purchased our home ten years ago, there was a one bedroom guest house behind the main house. It was home to the grandmother for the previous owners. Our daughter moved into it as she was pregnant, had a two year old, and a husband in Iraq. She lived there for a year before Jason returned and they found an apartment close to his job. (We loved having them there, by the way!!)

Over the next eight years, the guest house was home to the outside patio furniture in the winter, exercise equipment, car parts, storage of whatnot, and a place for the kids, grandkids, and relatives to stay when they visited.

I decided this spring/summer a major redo was in order.


We removed the stove (it didn't work reliably) and the cabinets above it and donated the furniture to my brother in law. I moved the patio furniture outdoors, took out the old light fixtures, and PAINTED all the walls. I tried my hand at faux-painting one wall. Cris build and I painted new wood trim around the doors and installed new light fixtures. The carpet was gross (did I mention the car parts/an engine that were stored there?), so it came out. We had new laminate flooring installed that is kid and dog friendly. Then the fun part began! I picked out furniture, some new (a hide-a-bed sofa for the living room so there are two beds) and some at antique/resale stores, added artwork and other interesting stuff to make it homey. It was complete by the first of August!


Its available for anyone who wants to venture to Warren, Oregon for a visit! Y'all come now!


  1. A job well done! It looks gorgeous!

  2. Is there anything that you two can't do?? I don't think so!! You did a fabulous job with your guest house. Your invitation is another reason to marvel at you.

  3. Well, if you have to hog all the talent, at least you share the outcome with the rest of us. :) It looks amazing!!! I wish I could put you to work in my house.