Monday, December 10, 2012

Franklin Roosevelt Fern Obituary 1976-2012

Franklin in his prime

Franklin Roosevelt Fern was born of good stock on 1976 in Beaverton, Oregon. He was adopted at age twelve by loving parents and given a good stable home during his youth and thereafter. He grew tall and vibrant and received many accolades for his handsome and stellar looks. His adoptive parents moved many times during his lifetime, always making sure he had the best room in the house in which to thrive and interact with the grandkids. 

Franklin at Christmas

Franklin grew at an accelerated rate during his teens and twenties from the loving nurturing of his mother. His favorite holiday was Christmas as he enjoyed the decorations and festivities along with the family.

Franklin during pre-op

Franklin declined rapidly in the last several years of his life. Books were consulted and opinions gathered as to what ailed him. His healthy exuberance was subdued and he became less and less vigorous. 


Franklin during surgery


A last ditch transplant endeavor was undertaken, but alas, it was too late, and he lost his battle to survive.

Franklin immediately post-op, however he failed to thrive and soon lost  all fronds.

We will miss your magnificent presence in our lives and appreciate the beauty you brought to our home these past 27 years.


  1. I remember seeing Franklin with some kitty pics and being impressed. RIP.

  2. Try again... Your blog ate my comment, which I did see show up on the site right after I posted it. Great post, nice to see Franklin through the years, and sorry he bit the dust. :(

  3. Wow, he truly was a magnificent fern with a personality of his own. I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe I'll go give my Phil O. Dendron an extra hug tonight.