Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From the pen of a child

This condolence note I received when my mom passed away has a special place in my heart. It was written by Hannah, the eight year-old granddaughter of the owner of the foster home my mom lived in. Hannah came with her mother to visit several times a week and got to know the ladies well. She read to them, brought water, talked with, drew pictures, and generally entertained them. She was surprised when my mom passed away, after a very short decline. 

Her grandmother said she had lots of things to tell me, so she took several pieces of paper and wrote down her thoughts. 

 Hannah is a pretty special young lady, don't  you think?


  1. Yes, a very special young lady.:)
    When I was 18 I lost one of my best friends to a drunk driving accident. I received a letter just like this from another friend's daughter. Unfortunately that little girl passed away almost exactly a year later due to complications from Chicken pox. :( It still makes me very sad but I often take that letter out and read it.
    It's a good lesson in not taking people for granted because you never know when you will lose them.

  2. Yes, that is so very true, Dana. I appreciate the compassion she showed at such a young age. She's been taught well.

  3. She is awesome! From the mouths of babes...what can be more precious!

    You will treasure those notes forever.