Monday, May 21, 2012

Remembering Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad,

I’m sending this note to tell you how much you are missed. I hope you are comfortable in the all-seeing, all-knowing heavenly world together. Things are definitely different here without you. Matt has taken over as the head of the clan and is doing an amazing job. I didn’t realize how much he takes after you, Dad, in temperament and actions. His business is booming and his family is flourishing.

Two lovely young ladies, Geli and Laura, have been added to the family. You would love them both. Nick and Geli are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and Drew just announced his engagement to Laura. They will be married next summer. Natalie is busier than ever with her job and enjoys being with her friends in the social city of Seattle.

Matt and Debbie have purchased a beach house on the Oregon coast to carry on the Family Beach House Legacy.  It probably has too many stairs for you both, but there is a bedroom on the main level with a bathroom nearby. And it’s close to the golf course, Dad, so you could practice your swing with a bucket of balls.

Cris and I are enjoying our retirement. Cris spends a lot of his time in his shop building and restoring interesting and fun cars. He just completed a 1955 Ford Pickup and is now putting the finishing touches on a 1927 Model T Roadster. We’re driving them to several car shows this summer in Oregon and Washington and yes, they both have seat belts. 

Dad, the life memory book you wrote for Matt and I has spurred me on to write too. I’ve taken nine writing classes over the last two years and have completed a novel, some poems, and many short stories that I would have loved to share with you. I post them on my writing blog and have met many wonderful and encouraging friends through my involvement there. 

We have eight grandkids now that are loads of fun and keep us young. Their personalities are as varied as night and day which makes it extra special to get to know them individually. They are growing up so fast. I imagine that’s what you said about us as kids too.

I sure miss talking with you both, but am comforted to know you are together and healthy again in heaven. Give Robin and Diane a hug for me.


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  1. What a beautiful post, Linda. I enjoyed reading it so much. It's obvious what a wonderful relationship you had with your parents. Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder as you reminisced and brought them up to date.

    Your father surely would have loved your writing, Linda.