Monday, March 19, 2012

Bella and Her Person

Ann’s Galumping Prompt:
 Make up a story using the following sentences:
The top shelf in the corner kitchen cabinet, the one that’s hard to reach.
A small, glitter-covered, red and yellow bird
A blank check mistakenly thrown into the trash. 
A step ladder with no third step.

Bella licked her paw and feigned indifference to the goings on in the kitchen. Her person was spring cleaning, and not paying the least bit of attention to the pink and white ceramic food dish that sat on the floor empty.

“Meow, now,” she tried again.

Her person turned, balancing on the top of a step ladder with no third step. She was cleaning out the top shelf of the corner kitchen cabinet, the one that was hard to reach.

“Just a minute, Bella. Can’t you see I’m busy? I don’t want to fall off this worthless piece of.. .  never mind, here I come.”

After her person filled the food dish, she opened the cabinet under the sink to toss the empty can into the garbage.

“Oh no, did I do that again?” she said pulling out a piece of paper from the garbage, whacking her head with the heel of her hand.

Bella looked up, licking the remnants of tuna treat off her whiskers. That’s the second time this month she’s mistakenly thrown a blank check into the trash. No skin off my nose as long as she keeps a roof over my head and the cat food coming.

She moved to the family room to complete her post-postprandial bath, just far enough away for privacy, but close enough to keep an eye on her person. She was tottering on that step ladder again, reaching into the depths of the top cabinet.

Out of the corner of her kitty eye she saw her person produce a small glitter-covered red and yellow bird.

“Oh, look at this, Bella. It was my Aunt Beth’s,” she said stepping down and missing the third step, tumbling to the floor.

The red and yellow bird flew across the room landing several feet away.

This is more like it, thought Bella assuming the pounce position. Now you have my attention.


  1. Linda, I finally made here, Love your site, I will spend my time reading here. Love your Galumphing with Bella. You just gotta a Catattitude. Peanut

  2. Thanks Peanut! Hope you enjoy the variety here, especially if you go back a page or two. Bella and Maya, my eighteen year-old kitties were my inspiration for this piece.

  3. I love when several people write a story from the same writing prompt. The differences in the stories are always so broad. I would've never thought to write from the POV of the cat. Very cute.

  4. Bella is so beautiful :)

  5. I love stories from an animal's perspective and you did a really good job with this one. Love that Bella sweetie!