Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hard drive jive

My hard drive crashed
The computer is slop
I now get to buy
A new laptop

Good new even so
The files were saved
The novel wasn't lost
My writing unscathed

It couldn't have happen
At a worst time
Many things to do
Many plans on line

Might be a bit
Depends on the man
Be back on line
As soon as I can


  1. Whoa - lots of stuff hitting you all at once! I keep all my files on Dropbox and recommend that as a really good safeguard against unfaithful hard drives.

    I LOVE my new MacBook Air if you're looking for laptop recommendations!

    Hang in there. Hope to see you back on line SOON!

  2. Oh, Linda. You poor girl! I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma but I'm relieved that you didn't lose the files. Yay for that!!!

    Your talent for writing verse also didn't crash...yay for that as well!!

    I hope the "man" works efficiently and restores your to your online status ASAP.

    That's a hell of a way to get a new laptop but if this trying time accomplishes that, so be it, right?

    Take care; good things come to those who wait.