Monday, March 7, 2011

There You Are!

After I had given up
Had lost all hope
There you are!
Now I can cope

Tucked away beneath
Dead branches and leaves
Your buds appear
And once again I believe

In the coming of spring
The lengthening of days
The start of new life
The warmth of sun’s rays

Tiny and tender still yet
With determination to grow
You begin new life
From strong roots below

I can be patient now
I’ll watch and wait
For spring to arrive
For the blooms you’ll create

I’ll tend you with care
Protect you from harm
Nurture you with love
Keep you warm

It’s been so long coming
And I’ve tended to mope
But, there you are!
Now I can cope


  1. YES!! Spring actually comes! I think it's too warm for crocuses here, but I LOVED them when I lived up north.

    Our Bradford pears and cherry blossoms are knocking the beejesus out of my eyes right now.

  2. Your photos and verses are giving me hope. I can't wait to see the new growth rising up to meet the world above ground.

    Thank you for the sweet poetry and everything else.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'm so ready for spring! It is coming!!

  4. Spring is a lovely thing isn't it, PW. It reminds me of new beginnings. A fresh start is something I think we all need from time to time, not just the flowers and trees. Old souls like me are always in search of a new breeze and a renewed spirit.

  5. I'm playing peek-a-boo, kinda like spring flowers. HEHE

  6. Hello, my friend! It's been a while.
    I finally have a few hours to catch up on my reading.
    Are you near the Oregon Coast? Any trouble with those pesky tsunamis?
    Love the poem and I'm also excited for Spring. We wanted to have a beach day this weekend but the rain thwarted us.

  7. We are about an hour drive from the coast. There were some small surges, enough to be noticeable to the locals, but no major damage on the north Oregon coast.
    Glad to hear from you. How's the WIP?